Team Tinkler Barbeque

No rides for me today, time for a bit of a rest. Well nearly.

Together with Team Tinkler we had a busy evening, enjoying the fantastic weather whilst stacking hay and having a BBQ. Great Fun.

Looking forward to a busy week ahead, I am lucky enough to have a few good rides to look forward to, starting with Northern Lyte tomorrow..


Hitting The Headlines

I am really flattered to receive this great write up on the Sporting Life website. I am so grateful for all the opportunities coming my way to give me a chance of making these headlines.

I would like to thank Nigel and Kim for all the support, all the owners for allowing me to ride, and all my team mates at the stable. It really is what dreams are made of.


Archie v Rowan

It’s never dull at the stable.

Rowan showing he has plenty of bottle, standing his ground as Archie Perkins lets off some steam, charging towards him at full speed as he enjoys himself in the paddock.

Thankfully, Archie blinked first and changed direction!

You can see Izzy in the background watching safely from behind the fence!


Day At The Seaside

Just a quick 18 hour round trip to Great Yarmouth today after a mornings work to ride one of my favourite horses Athollblair Boy.

It is not as bad as it sounds, Amy drove the horsebox and I just slept all the way there and back!

He was carrying a huge weight, I could hardly carry the saddle back to the weighing room, but he ran his usual genuine race and finished a close up 4th place in the ladies race.


Still Lucky Beverley

I did say I was feeling optimistic about riding back at my lucky track today, and it was great to deliver another winner for the stable.

Singe Anglais gave me a great ride, and building on the promise he had shown in his 2 previous races, we won the opening race at Beverley.

Great Yarmouth tomorrow to ride Athollblair Boy, Can’t wait!


Back On The Horse!

It has been an amazing day, winning on Allux Boy who has a very special place in my heart. This is the third time we have won together at Wolverhampton.

Me and my sidekick Belle covered plenty of miles today but it was worth it, and fantastic to return from a ban in style.

Feeling optimistic about my rides back at Beverley today, and am so grateful for these opportunities to ride more winners.


Keeping Busy!

Serving a ban is not the rest you would imagine!

Drove Belle and Princess Power to Newmarket. Led her up and she ran a fantastic race to finish 4th. Also rode out for Richard Spencer, Then went to Fountains Chinese restaurant in Newmarket where I had my first ever taste of Lobster. Well 8 lobsters actually, provided by owner Stewart Perkins, in the company of Jamie Piggott, son of Lester.

Really looking forward to race riding again from next Monday!


Lucky Beverley

Beverley continues to prove a lucky place for me. Great couple of days with Tenax winning last night and the week finishing on a high for the stable with Northern Lyte winning this afternoon.

Plenty of riding out this week as I am banned for a few days and have just one ride on Monday night at Ripon, Flying Raconteur for Mr Aarons.


Evening Out At Haydock

On the way to Haydock for 2 good rides with Nigel, James and Lara, and of course Belle. I have hitched a ride in the horsebox to save a few pennies. Tenax and True Hero both have big engines, and I am really looking forward to riding them both.

Then tomorrow, 4 rides for Team Tinkler at Beverley, my lucky course, so the team will hopefully be ending the week on a high note.